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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Indie Country Showcase At The Nashville Palace

We will be having our next Indie Country Showcase at The Nashville Palace in Nashville, TN on Saturday March 14th. Artists will each be performing their 4 best songs and showcasing their talents to numerous record label executives, talent buyers as well as to publishers & writers looking to have their songs cut.

If interested please visit our website at;

for complete information and to see some of the talent that appeared on our last show in April 2008.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Indie Country Fest 2008

Hi All,

We are in the beginning planning stages for holding an Independent Country Music Festival in Ohio on September 27th. It is a bit of a short notice I know but if there is enough interest shown we plan to go for it as the Indie artists need their own festival to promote their talents to the people.

I sincerely believe that the best artists in The World are not the ones on the major labels that you are hearing on your radio everyday. Sadly country music has reached a state when the one with the most marketing, promotion and of course MONEY behind them wins and talent has very little to do with it.

I and my friends & business partners are wanting to do what we can to change that but it will take some time as it has taken 18-20 years for the music business to reach its present state.

So if you are an artist on an Indie label or no label at all that is interested in performing please send me an email. Just be forewarned that at least for this year it will not be a paying gig. In fact we may have to even charge a small fee to perform just to cover our expenses.

We have to pay rental on the facilities, hire security, purchase liability insurance and pay for the production costs such as sound, lights & staff members. Not to mention that we need to advertise and promote the show.

We will also be video taping if you are interested in having a video of your live performance. We are not looking to make money from this as it is for the artists but we have to cover our costs.

If you are a fan please show your support and make plans to attend on Saturday September 27th from around 11 AM until 10 PM.

More info & directions are listed on the website, which I am still in the process of building. It is at

JK Coltrain

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Songwriters Workshop & Artist Showcase at The Nashville Palace

Songwriters Workshop & Artist Showcase at The Nashville Palace

Songwriters Workshop & Artist

Showcase at The Nashville Palace:

Country, Bluegrass & Gospel Artists,

We are having a artist showcase at The Nashville Palace on August 2nd, 2008. The showcase site is at;

US Talent Showcase

and we are also holding an artist & writers workshop and seminar on August 1st at The Hall of Fame

located at The Best Western on Music Row.

JK Coltrain

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Indie Country Gold 2008 CD

The new Indie Country Gold CD is now completed and set for release on May 28th. You can see and hear a sample of it below.

Various Artists - Indie Country Gold

Indie Country Gold
by Various Artists

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Indie Country Gold CD Coming Out In May

We have a brand new CD that we are putting together for sceduled release in late May called Indie Country Gold. Artists submissions for consideration are open from now till April 23rd.

On it we will feature 12 songs by the very best independent country artists in The World. The CD will be sent out to over 400 radio stations as well as featured on sites such as iTunes & CD Baby and promoted worldwide.

Any artist interested in submitting songs or wanting further info should visit my record label site at;


Monday, February 18, 2008

Nashville Showcase

Country, Bluegrass & Gospel Artists,

We are having a artist showcase at The Nashville Palace on April 19th, 2008. The showcase site is at;
that tells you more about it. As of right now we have 9 record labels, 3 promoters, 4 artists management companies plus some producers, writers and others that are involved in the music business that have committed to be there.

The response has been pretty good so far from the artists also so we have to set it up so that they had two choices to consider. For $35.00 they can submit there entry to be considered and we'll pick the Top 12 of those entries and some folks have wanted a guaranteed spot so they are paying $250.00 for a guaranteed slot in the showcase


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Billy Darnell

Jan, 02, 2007

Billy Darnell Music Publishing is proud to announce that one of our songs “ I’m Gonna Love You Till Forever “ has made it through all the station tiers of competition, and placed second in the competition at , not only is it listed on their top 40 charts at #18, and climbing, but it has also earned the right to be placed on the stations permanent play list as “Most suited for radio play”.

As a publishing company we will benefit greatly from the promotion efforts of Songvault in 2008 to get this song out to public radio stations and promote the singer and song writer, Billy Darnell, as one of the top independent singer/songwriters in the world, and for that we would like to thank the fine people at Songvault, the fans, the Dj’s, and all those people who have shown great support for this artist, and his music.

Since starting out in August of 2007 Billy Darnell has placed almost all of his songs consistently in the top 40 charts of all of the music sites where his music is listed.
He gained the distinction of being made a featured artist at, where his songs have constantly placed in the top 40 country charts, and their number of daily plays grows month to month.

He had a #1 single on Ram Radio, a Live365 and itunes radio network, with his song “ Don’t Hold On To A Memory “ from his current CD ( 15 Years later ).
Another song off his current CD, “ Your One True Love ”, was listed as #2 on Jerry Mac and Friends Internet radio shows top 40 charts for November.

This same song “I’m Gonna Love You Till Forever” was also cut and performed by Trey Young and The Country Deputys, under the “Time” music label, and is currently listed as #17 on the Sound Click country charts. That’s pretty amazing when you see that it competes with thousands of artists, and songs, at Sound Click.
He was also listed as #5 on Joyce Ramgaties top 200 country singers International play list for November. This list is an independently compiled listing based on the posting of play lists from Internet Dj’s from around the world. To make it into the top 200 list of elite Country singers is quite a major accomplishment, to be #5 in the world is spectacular!

He has managed to make his way on to the play lists of Hundreds of Dj’s throughout the world, and the response we get from all of them is “ Our listeners love him, where can we get more? “
Now he can add the Songvault award as another major accomplishment in 2007. Quite an outstanding performance for an artist who has just recently came on to the world scene, and we are sure the coming year will produce even more accolades for this outstanding Singer, and Songwriter. This most certainly will enhance our exposure in 2008, and help us to achieve even greater accomplishments in the New Year.

Thank you all for your support, and be sure to check out Billy’s web site at, for personal information, and for updates about this rising stars future.

This is the email from song vault advising us of the results.
----- Original Message -----
From: SongVault
To: Billy Darnell
Sent: Tuesday, December 25, 2007 2:15 AM
Subject: Your track has been promoted!

Billy Darnell,

We want to personally congratulate you in having your song "I'm Gonna Love You Till Forever" placed in the SongVault Directory and in our play list on the SongVault Radio Network.

This is quite an accomplishment and something you should be proud of, considering that your song has been up against hundreds of other songs and has taken several months in order to pass through all the tiered stations.

This is not the end of the journey but just the beginning!

In a few weeks, your song will be on one of our podcast shows to help promote your song on iTunes and other podcast venues.

In 2008, we will be in contact with all the public radio stations to work on partnerships in order to help promote the artist that have made it in the SongVault. Other exciting benefits will be announced over the next year that will help you generate money and build a bigger fan base at the same time.

Dick Clark put it best when he said "Music is the soundtrack of our lives". The songs we like to listen to become part of our life in general.

Thank you for being part of our soundtrack and we look forward to helping promote you and your music further in the months and years ahead.

Best Regards,

Paul John

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Country Caravan

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Saturday, December 08, 2007

He Sent Me An Angel

Hit song performed & written by Ken Osheim of Texas Nightlife

Friday, December 07, 2007

Awesome Job Jerry !

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and to thnak Jerry for inviting me to join him here. Great job Jerry!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Leavin & Sayin Goodbye

Trey Young - Dec, 2006 - Nashville Nightlife, Nashville, Tennessee - Classic Country

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thanks for supporting us indie artists!

Hi Jerry,

I really appreciate your inviting me to join this blog. It is folks like you who play us indie artists that are doing so much to keep Country Music as we know it alive and well.
As you know, I have had a lot on my plate lately, but I will try to listen to your shows more frequently as soon as I can. I haven't forgotten what a great job you did on my showcase a little while ago.

God bless,


Jerry Mac And Friends Show - Current

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jerry Mac Presents Ian B. Macleod

Ian B. macleod & The Rockin' Chevys appearing at The Waterfront, Newcastle

Jerry Mac Presents J. K. Coltrain

Click anywhere on this text or on the picture to watch The Video Of J. K. Coltrain Performing "Walking Through Tomorrow" - Written By Jerry Mac & Tony Sutton

J. K. Coltrain was born in Columbus, Ohio. He spent his early childhood days between there and West Virginia where his parents operated a small Mom & Pop grocery store. His Dad also was an excellent auto mechanic and in fact owned a number of repair shops over the years and was a weekend stock car racer (One reason why J. K. is a Nascar fanatic to this day) J. K. grew up surrounded by music & musicians. His cousin, Buddy Starcher was a professional recording artist on Columbia Records and was one of the founders of the Starday recording label and performed on the then popular Midwestern & Louisiana Hayrides. He also introduced the late Keith Whitley who first appeared on Buddy's weekly radio show in Charleston, West Virginia when he was 8 years old. J. K. made his own first appearance on radio at age 12 and first TV appearance at age 14. Click here to go to J. K. web site at The Country Music Planet.

The Best of The Country Caravan - Volume I

Howdy Folks,

We have a new CD coming out soon 'The Best of The Country Caravan' for 2007. Here are the tracks for this years edition;

J. K. ColtrainI Pray There's A Honkytonk In Heaven
Dean HolmenDear Hank
Karen PendleySometimes Angels Cry
Ricky Lee PhelpsTears in a Bottle
Brandon Lynn ShaneIf I Were An Angel
Leon SeiterMr Jones
Dale HowardYou're Gonna Make My Day Tonight
Rustie BlueCloud Of Dust
Jerry MacI'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again
Dean HolmenRodeo Has Got My Heart
Brandon Lynn ShaneSomeone
Rustie Blue & Bill AndersonChip Chip
Leon SeiterThe Shadows of a Honky Tonk
J. K. ColtrainSome Bridges Just Won't Burn
Karen PendleyI'll Be There

You can take a listen by copying & pasting the link below if it doesn't work.

I Turn To Country - A Tribute To Country Music

A tribute to Country Music set to Tresa Jordan's "I Turn To Country"

Country Music Tribute

This video is a tribute to 3 stars in the country music world, Alan Jackson, Charlie Daniels and Rascal Flatts. They feature Don't Rock the Jukebox, The Devil Went Down To Georgia and Feels Like Today. Enjoy!

This is Who We Are - A Country Music Tribute

I've been wanting to get through to people for a very long time that country music isn't stupid, boring, or a waste of time. I'm a Texan, and I stay true to my roots, my country, my people. So I made this tribute. The two songs are Sweet Southern Comfort by Buddy Jewel and Songs About Me by Trace Adkins.

A Country Music Tribute

A country music tribute played to "Stay" by Little Big Town